Advanced Eye Care Department

Outpatient Clinics: It is where your first visit happens. On arrival you will be welcomed by our friendly staff who will direct you to start your eye exam, beginning with the optometric assessment and ending with your full eye exam in the doctor clinic.

Diagnostic Facility: In this division, we have the most updated equipment for diagnoses of eye diseases including: Visual field, corneal topography, OCT, Fluorescein Angiography, A & B Scan, Lenstar and others...

Interventional Lasers: It is in this division where we treat various eye diseases (glaucoma, diabetes, ...) with different wavelength types of lasers (Argon, YAG, PDT...)

Refractive Surgery Lasers: This division deals with the correction of all types of refractive errors including: hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia using the most sophisticated machines, and offering the safest most accurate treatment in LASIK, PRK, Femto Lasik (Intra Lasik or blade free LASIK), KAMRA implants (for presbyopia and reading correction), corneal rings and Cross linking (for Keratoconus patients)

Operating Theater: In this department we do all kinds of eye surgeries from cataract to glaucoma to retinal surgery as well as pediatric intervention and oculoplastics. As with other divisions, we use the high end technology with equipment that is unique to this facility namely the femto phaco laser that treats cataract surgery with minimal surgical intervention and maximal accuracy.